AN Gathering July 31 – August 5 – KIDS 6 up


KIDS 6 AND UP AN Gathering The Netherlands


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Two yearly Field Gathering of all the workers in Europe and ME FOR KIDS 6 AND UP.

The theme of the Gathering is:

Reaching refugees for Jesus in the ME and Europe

On the GLS in Taiwan the Lord spoke to us as a Global Family. We are going to focus on reaching the M unreached and unengaged people groups and especially the Syrian refugees. During this Gathering we will take time to pray and strategize in this situation.

The​ ​G​a​thering will be from Sunday July 31st (arrival day) until Friday August 5th (departure day​)​. So we will have 4 ​full days together. So please come no later than Sunday July 31st 12:00 am and don’t leave after Friday August 5th after 12:00 am.

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